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OKJER.COM是由几位每天在生存以上,生活以下的年轻人所建立的互联网生活分享平台。 Okjer的用意是要为你带来各种生活资讯,让你任何事情都可以OK Jer! 无论是从生活贴士,促销活动或旅游资讯,Okjer的意愿是要让每个Okjer的读者学会一些东西,丰富你的心灵,走进你的生活,让大家除了生存,还会懂得生活。

OKJER.COM is an online sharing platform established by several young people who live above and below life every day. OKJER's intention is to bring you all kinds ofinformation, so that you can just say OKjer to anything! Whether it is from life hacks, promotions or travel information, Okjer's intention is to let every Okjer reader learn something , enrich your soul and empower your life.